Immerse yourself in time – and find your sweet spot in life

Most of us agree, time is our most precious resource. And the only one we can’t regenerate. A truth that often does more to stress us than support us.

But now I’m going to say something surprising: You will get more time in your day if you take more time in your day.

Wait, what?

It’s all about introducing a mindful practice. And Vedic Meditation is a Western mind’s natural Valium. 

Buckle up and let me explain.

Tick, tick – BOOM!

We women are miraculous superstars. We juggle a lot. But if we’re honest, it’s often to our own detriment.

And then one day, you realise how exhausted you truly are – and things begin to unravel.

Maybe it starts with your mindset. But eventually the overwhelm filters into all areas of life. Work, relationships, and – if we’re still not listening – our health.

So, we take the token ‘time out’

You head down the beach. Which is realistically just a new location to think about all the things you need to do. Or you catch up with friends and fill your mind further with gossip or venting.

Or perhaps you take yourself away to a health retreat. While luscious and restful, it in no way resembles your normal life. So you come back home and the cycle starts all over again.

Sound familiar?

Then let’s look at another way. A far more long-term and sustainable way.

It’s about learning to be where you are – fully

So yes. Time is finite. And we do only have so many hours in a day.

But that pressure you’re feeling is not about the number of hours. It’s about how you choose to use them.

And the way to squeeze that sweet, sweet nectar from your minutes is not actually about your schedule at all. It’s about learning the art of being present in those moments.

But when your mind is so addicted to overdrive, how exactly do you do that?

By introducing the best mindful practice for the busy Western mind – Vedic Meditation.

Why Vedic?

Because it’s simple. And it gives you something to focus your busy mind on.

Unlike other meditation practices that tell you to ‘still the mind’, Vedic encourages you to focus on one carefully curated mantra. Designed just for you.

Because your mantra has no semantic meaning, it won’t keep pulling you into thought. It will simply teach you to narrow your focus.

And there you have mindful living.

Let every day feel like you’re on retreat

This is an achievable goal. No matter where you’re starting from. No matter what your life looks like now. It all starts with the decision to have a go. 

Learning this simple skill will give you back your time, sanity, health and relationships.

It’ll give you back yourself.

You ready? Let’s chat. Fill out the contact form for details on our next Learn to Meditate course.