Perpetually burnt-out? Learn how to unjoin the club.

More than ever before we women can ‘have it all’ – right?

And while this means we have careers, opportunities and choice – it can also be paired with guilt, exhaustion and extreme overwhelm. 

Introducing BLANK Meditation. Not your average breathe-until-you-hyperventilate approach. 

No, this simple practice is perfectly designed for the busy Western mind. 

And it might just work for you

I get it. Meditation has a stigma. 

Maybe you think it’s a waste of time – or you don’t have the time to try. Or perhaps you’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work. 

Maybe the idea of focusing on your breath or ‘quieting your mind’ is the very thing that’s making you anxious.

Well, that’s ok. Because there’s more than one way to meditate. 

And until I learned this technique, I too found the whole process more stressful than helpful.  

Why this works 

When we first try meditating, our thoughts get in the way. We can’t quiet the mind but the BLANK technique turns this experience around completely. 

In this technique, you aren’t only taught to welcome your thoughts. You’re taught how to work with them.  

It works for the Western mind because you’re encouraged to take each moment as it comes. No stress, no right or wrong – just presence and acceptance. 

BLANK is: 

In a busy life, if it’s too hard we won’t continue. So you need a practice that’s both easy and achievable. There’s a process. Not strict rules – but a system you can learn and integrate with the demands of daily life. The BLANK community is a fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously – which makes this discovery even sweeter. 

Meditate to generate 

So, what’s really in it for you? 

When you’re stuck in high-functioning overdrive – no matter how efficient you are – you’re only utilising a fraction of your abilities. Because high stress living is the definition of being in survival mode. 

We want to move from surviving to thriving. 

And years of research show the benefits of a strong meditation practice improve productivity, sleep, mood, relationships and overall heath.

You genuinely have nothing to lose – except those tired eyes and constant brain fog. 

Learning this simple skill will give you back your time, sanity, health and relationships.  To find out more, check out the Work with Me page or fill out the CONTACT form or schedule a call and we’ll be in touch.