Meditation you don’t need to think about

You are an ambitious, driven, successful leader in the business world and you are at the top of your game. Congratulations!


You are also burnt out, time poor and exhausted with nothing left in your tank. You are constantly looking after everyone but yourself. We feel you!
The solution is not to push yourself harder, nor do you need to head to Gwinganna.
(Although that’s a wonderful thing to do.)
You just need to learn a simple meditation technique that works for our busy, ‘want it now’ Western minds.

Did you know that a staggering 80% of Fortune 500 executives, practise meditation daily? This is because the benefits are increased focus and productivity, better sleep, greater creativity, more resilience and an overall boost in their mood and energy levels. Meditation gives them a competitive advantage.


No brain is the same, yet we all want the same thing; less stress.
Meditation is the antidote to this rollercoaster, taking you to your happy place, no matter what’s going on around you.


The technique teaches you how to welcome and work with your thoughts.

It takes your worry mind, calms it down until you go BLANK, which in turn allows you to return to your day with renewed energy, a fresh perspective and a greater capacity to problem solve.

Meditation doesn’t change how you think, it challenges you to choose what’s worth thinking about.

Peak health performance

Effortless relationship building

Sleep for

Supercharged productivity

Unstoppable positive energy

Elevate Your Game

Hi. I’m Sim. International sales manager and meditation teacher. It feels important to let you know – I do live in your world.

I’m not sitting on a mountain top, living in ‘love and light’ or doing a downward facing dog every time I feel anxious. I don’t have time for that.

Nope! I have a 9-to-5. Travel extensively for work and pleasure. And maintain an active social life and an all round fun, healthy lifestyle.

Meditation has been my rudder for more than 10 years now and everyday, it allows me to access my inner reserves, shut out the noise and then launch back into my day with a fresh perspective and a different approach to problem solving.

It’s a power tool I have for life and it’s simply too good not to share with you.

All that’s required is yourself

You don’t need to give up anything or buy into the latest tech.
Do it in the boardroom or the Business Class Lounge or wherever life takes you.

The Blank Meditation Program offers a bespoke, 1 on 1, confidential program for high flyers who have all the external success but are struggling with burnout, stress, sleep and low mojo.

Enough hesitation.
It’s time for liberation.

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