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Meditation doesn’t change how you think, it challenges you to choose what’s worth thinking about

Want less stress, more energy, higher performance? This is an inside job and BLANK is your first stop.


Our signature program takes place over 4 sessions.

Session 1 – Mind & Technique

1 hour

We get straight down to business in your first session where you’ll receive your personal instruction on how this technique works. We take it for a test run and you’ll experience your mind taking a dip into a state of rest and reset.

Session 2 – Practise, not perfect

90 minutes

Finding your feet. We review your first at-home meditation, answering any questions you have along the way. We’ll discuss how to integrate meditation into your daily schedule and how to use 2% of your day so that the remaining 98% is primed for success.

Session 3 – Meditation & the body

90 minutes

It’s all about the mind-body connection. You’ll be introduced to the concept of adaptation energy and we’ll discuss the ways meditation eliminates stress and supports our nervous system so that you can keep away from fight or flight mode and spend more time in a state of ‘stay and play’.

Session 4 – States of consciousness

90 minutes.

We just dropped the C word: Consciousness. This session sees us delve into the different states of awareness experienced in meditation and what to expect as your practice progresses. You’ll also receive guidelines about ongoing support and how to keep up with your practice. This kind of accountability and consistency will set you up for life.

Bonus Session – Advanced Technique

The advanced breathing technique is designed to deepen your meditation experience and allow you to enjoy higher and more inclusive states of consciousness more quickly. This is the icing on the cake!


Beyond the myriad of physical and emotional benefits like improved sleep, strengthened immune function and reduced anxiety, meditation will profoundly shift how you tackle the demands of daily life.


Enhanced Leadership

The Harvard Business Review reports that meditation fosters a mindset for delivering impactful pitches, orchestrating complex team collaborations, and navigating crucial business negotiations with heightened effectiveness.

Look and feel younger

In a UCLA Brain Mapping Center study, meditation was found to slow cognitive decline associated with aging and reverse biological aging markers by up to eight years, making practitioners feel and appear younger.

Negotiation skills

Research shows that meditation enhances emotional intelligence, so meditators become highly effective at picking up subtle cues and managing tough conversations, where the stakes are high.

Creative problem-solving

Meditation boosts the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain giving you unparalleled access to creative solutions during intense discussions and pressurised meetings.

BLANK is the antidote to the roller coaster of life.


The Blank technique won’t suit you if…
  • You are not willing to undergo a mental and physical detox. This is a tried and tested technique that addresses stress at a cellular level. It is potent and highly effective, which can induce detox symptoms, a.k.a. headaches, exhaustion, moodiness. The increased energy and clarity that waits you on the other side is well worth a bit of temporary discomfort.


  • You have a desire to get rid of all your possessions and sequester yourself in the hills. This technique is designed for busy people with a lot on their plate and because it’s so efficient, it allows you to dedicate just 2% of your day to enhance the remaining 98%.


  • You would rather hang out in your comfort zone. Meditation can amplify your mojo and propel you toward your loftiest aspirations. If you’re content with the status quo and resist change, then this practice may not be the best fit.

Got a few more questions?

An informal chat is your opportunity to ask anything else that is on your mind, with no obligation to sign up.